How Much Should I Charge on Onlyfans

How Much Should I Charge on Onlyfans?

Let’s talk about making bank as a content creator. Commission fees can seriously eat into your earnings, sometimes up to 20% on some platforms including OF. That’s where platforms Scrile Connect comes in clutch – no commission fees and total freedom on pricing your pay-per-view (PPV) or subscriptions. Before you set your prices, remember to know your worth and check out what other creators are charging. 

Ultimately, you should always charge what you are comfortable with. These are just our recommendations from what we’ve been working with top creators in the industry. 

How much should I charge on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans sets a minimum subscription price of $4.99, which is the standard rate on the platform. Additionally, creators can provide discounted packages for 3, 6, or 12 months to incentivize fans to subscribe for extended periods.

4 Reasons You Make Your OF Subscription Free

    Making your OF subscription free is a indeed a fast way to grow your OF account. 
    This option is super beneficial for many content creators, especially if you are not regular with your fan page posting.
    When you first start your OF account it can feel quiet and daunting without any subscribers but free account can help with the growing base
    You’re more likely to attract subscribers to a free page compared to a paid one. Even though they initially sign up for free, they often end up spending from your tip menu.

Running a free page effectively is essential for maximizing your earnings. Use your free OnlyFans primarily as a promotional tool for your paid content. This strategy entails offering a toned-down version of your content that is still enticing but not as explicit.


PPV stands for pay-per-view. On OnlyFans, you can send messages, pictures, voice notes, and videos and charge a fee for your fans to view the content.

You can create a PPV message on OnlyFans via direct message or post something to your timeline and charge a price for your fans to unlock and view it.

Here are common price ranges for different types of content on OF

  • Video:
    Short snippet or GIF: $5-$8
    Full-length video: Charge per minute (normally $1-$2 per minute)
  • Voice Note:
    1-2-1 session: $4-$5 per message
    General mass message: $3
    Longer MP3: $1 per minute
  • Pictures:
    Non-nude or light nudity: $3
    More explicit: $5-$7

How Much Should I Charge For Dick Ratings On Onlyfans?

When it comes to dick ratings on OnlyFans, pricing can vary depending on the model’s preferences and the level of customization involved. Here’s a common pricing guideline:

  • Dick ratings via message: $10
  • Dick ratings via video message: $25

For a personalized opinion of their dick, models typically charge $10 for a written message and $25 for a video message. 

Here’s a pricing guide for pictures on OnlyFans to maximize earnings:

  • Face pictures / light tease & lingerie: Free on your profile
  • Topless: Lower range $3
  • Full nude: $5
  • Full nude with sexual content: $7-$10
  • Feet pictures: $5-$7
  • Nude fan signs: $10-$15
  • Custom pictures: $20 for a set of 10 non-nude or $40 for a set of 10 nude.

How much to charge for videos on OF? 

  • Average video: $1 per minute
  • Speciality video (e.g., B/G, Findom): $2 per minute
  • Snippet (1-3 minute clips): $5-$10 depending on explicitness
  • Consider offering previews or GIFs on your profile to entice subscribers to purchase the full clip.

How much to charge for custom videos on OF? 

Here’s a pricing guide for custom videos on OnlyFans:

  • Custom video rate: $8-$10 per minute (minimum booking of 5 minutes)
  • Additional add-ons (extra cost):
  • Saying the guy’s name: $30-$50
  • Wearing a specific outfit: Cost of the outfit + $20
  • Quick 3-day delivery: $30
  • Specific nail polish color for foot clips: $10

To organize custom filming sessions effectively, let your fans know you’re accepting customs for a limited time and have a few slots available. Encourage interested parties to DM you to book in advance. By filming in bulk sessions, you can make the most of your time and equipment setup. Charging extra for personalized add-ons ensures you can maximize your earnings by selling the video to multiple customers if names aren’t included.

How much should charge for sexting with guys? 

Here’s a pricing guide for sexting with guys on OnlyFans:

  • Typing sexting: $2-$3 per minute
  • Sexting via voice note recordings: $4-$5 per minute
  • Sexting via sending video snippets: $6-$10 per minute
  • It’s crucial to keep the session enticing without getting them too excited too quickly, as they may lose interest after finishing. 

Providing a great sexting session often leads to repeat business. However, managing multiple sessions simultaneously can be challenging. After a successful session, consider upselling a custom video to further increase sales.

Charging cheaper to attract more customers

Offering cheaper subscription rates to attract more fans is a popular approach on OnlyFans. With this method, the goal is to attract a larger quantity of subscribers to make it financially viable. Effective marketing is crucial to drive high subscriber numbers. If opting for this strategy, consider charging $4.99 per month for the subscription and offering heavily discounted rates for 3, 6, or 12-month subscription options. 

Charge higher to attract higher quality of subscribers 

Opting to charge higher prices to attract higher-quality fans is a strategy aimed at attracting a smaller, but more financially committed audience. This approach is commonly seen among niche fetish models or those specializing in domination and financial domination (findom). Pricing at $9.99 is considered mid-range, while some charge as high as $19.99, particularly in vanilla modeling. However, it’s worth noting that vanilla audiences may be less inclined to subscribe to higher-priced pages compared to those with lower rates. For most models, subscription earnings typically contribute less than 10% to their overall income. Thus, relying on tips, pay-to-view messages, and selling custom content is often more lucrative in the long run. This is why many models maintain a free subscription option.