How can analytics help to prevent a revenue drop?

A lot of girls on OF frequently face revenue drops on their pages. But not many of them know how to work with the revenue drop and what’s even more important – how to prevent it. 

Spicy AI – our partners, created a portal, where every model can see their detailed page statistics. There you can find metrics that OF can`t provide and delve into analyzing your page.

Are you concerned about facing a revenue drop? 
AS Talent OnlyFans Agency is here to help you to figure out which page metrics are the most important and how they could be used.

Average spend per user

Just as it sounds – this metric shows the average number of payments from all your fans who have paid even 1$ on the page (w/o subscriptions). But what does it mean? 

If you see the average spend dropping from month to month – that’s an alarm that you’ve started to devalue yourself and sell your content cheaper – that can lead to a huge revenue drop. Fans will get used to low prices and stop buying when you try to raise them. Try to slightly increase your content prices and you will definitely see a positive dynamic soon!

If the average spend is growing along with the revenue – you are doing well! You got your fans used to higher prices and they don’t resist. Keep going, but try not to overdo it, cause it may lead to overpricing. 

If the average spend has grown significantly recently, but the revenue dropped – think about it, maybe you’ve set your prices too high and fans just stop wanting to buy your content because they think they are overpaying. Try to lower prices a bit and keep an eye on the situation.

Revenue from top-5 subscribers

This metric helps you to determine how your page is dependent on regulars. If the page turnover is 30000$, 25000$ of which are paid by 5 loyal fans – you should think about diversifying your income. 

That is a big risk to reckon only on regulars, because any day even the most loyal fan can run out of money and disappear without a word. If this happens, revenue drop is inevitable. The optimal rate of income from regulars – 50-60%. 

Therefore, our recommendation: while the page is on top of its earnings – invest 10% of income in traffic. This helps to find more payable fans and lower the risk of losing money in future.

Revenue from past subscribers

This metric shows how much your old fans paid this month. It basically shows your level of retention – which is quite important. 

If the number is increasing, it means you’ve managed to uncover the potential of those fans who have been on the page for a while but haven’t paid before. This is a great indicator and a sign that you are doing everything right. But the main thing here is not to burn out old fans too quickly – otherwise you can expect a drop in earnings in the future. 

If the number drops significantly – this may indicate that old fans were not given proper attention, they felt it and simply stopped paying. If this is the case try to cheer up your old fans: for example record short videos with their names to remind them that you still care and worry. 

While working on improving this metric, don’t forget about the revenue from new fans. It is important to compare the revenue from past and new subscribers to see which metric needs to be worked on currently. 

New active subscribers → New paying subscribers

This metric shows how many active new subscribers have become paying ones. “Active subscriber” is a fan who has entered the dialog after subscribing. So basically he should have written one word to become active.  Accordingly, the metric shows whether the traffic was good or bad as well as great have you treated new fans. 

If the conversion rate went up – try to analyze traffic sources you have brought on a page this month: were they new or different? If yes, most likely it was high-quality traffic and you need to scale it. Also think about what approach you have used to reach new fans – it seems like it was successful and you need to apply it in the future as well.

If you notice that conversion has dropped a lot – go into dialogs and check how good the communication with new fans was. If the communication was good and fans still didn’t want to buy – most likely the traffic was low-quality and you should stop testing this source. If the communication with fans was meh – try to change your strategy and approach to new fans in order to improve the conversion rate.


To sum it up – analytics is a decent tool to prevent a revenue drop and find solutions to fix it if it already happened. Those metrics that we`d reviewed are a very small part of what you can work with. 

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if you think that it is too complicated and don’t want to explore all the data yourself – AS Talent agency is always here to take care of it and to get you out of the routine!